Commercial Combined (wholesale)(manufacturing)

No matter how well-equipped your business is, accidents sometimes happen.

Stock and sales are key to both wholesalers and distributors, so it’s important to protect these assets. two fundamental elements of an effective manufacturing insurance policy are loss reduction and risk management which we have the experience to advise on.

We can provide specialist industry-specific schemes to include buildings and contents cover, plant and machinery, stock, business interruption and of course all kinds of liability protection.

We insure a range of diverse businesses from paper mills, factories, foam converters and precision engineers to clothing and food manufacturers.

Our competitive packages can include products liability and asset protection cover but can also incorporate specialist cover for areas including global liability, marine insurance, profits protection, management liability, employment tribunal, machinery breakdown and product recall.


The construction industry faces its own unique set of risks.

It’s an industry that combines large teams of workers and long hours, with heavy machinery and physical labour.

Our policies include indemnity and liability construction cover, which are fundamental in this sector. Cover can also be arranged for vehicles, premises and machinery if required.

Cover can be arranged  on an annual, project or one-off basis for flexibility.



Sometimes the threats that aren’t visible cause the most damage.

Cyber attacks pose an increasingly large risk to businesses. The fallout from such an attack can be extensive and costly. A cyber insurance policy placed by us can prove invaluable in supporting your business following a system breakdown, data loss or cyber attack. In the event of an incident, our expert advisers will offer you practical support and crisis management, negotiate a timely settlement for legal fees and provide reimbursement for lost income or damaged equipment.

Commercial-directors and officers

Directors & Officers

It is a little-known fact that the directors, officers and managers of your business can be held personally liable for mistakes or errors of judgement at work, therefore it is important they are protected.

Wherever the claim may originate, a directors and officers (D&O) insurance policy offers financial protection to help investigate, defend or settle allegations of “wrongful acts”. It can offer reassurance that an individual’s finances aren’t at risk and can help attract and retain talent in top positions.

General Contractors

Whether you’re an Electrical Contractor, Building Contractor or a Heating & Ventilation Contractor our team will find out about your specific requirements and advise you about the best types of contractors’ insurance policies available.

Your policy package can include comprehensive contractors’ all risk insurance, individual contractors’ liability, professional indemnity, public liability and employers’ liability products.

Commercial-Package - Office, Surgeries, Retailers and takeaways

Package: Office & Surgery, Retailers takeaways

The upkeep of your working environment can be a full-time job in itself.

Ensuring that all the assets and employees which allow your business to function are protected takes time, focus, and a dedication to the task at hand. You may not have time to do this, but we do.

Whether you’re looking to ensure your office, surgery or you own a retail outlet or takeaway our expert advisers work with you to devise a uniquely tailored policy package

Our experts have a great deal of understanding around the variety of risks businesses can face, tailoring affordable cover to suit your needs.

Whether its’ cash flow, food stock, transportation, we have you covered. In addition, Buildings, contents, fixtures and fittings and business interruption insurance are some of the most common types of cover we provide.

Commercial-professional indemnity

Professional Indemnity

If a customer or member of the public suffers any sort of loss due to your activities or advice, your business could be liable to pay for the financial loss incurred.

Depending on the extent of the damages, the legal costs alone could impact on your business’ financial stability and reputation. Our team will carry out a risk assessment on your business to determine what level of Indemnity cover you’ll need and then provide a competitive Professional Indemnity insurance quote. You can continue to provide essential services you offer to your clients, confident in the knowledge you have the right insurance cover in place.

Commercial-Tradesman (liability)

Tradesman (liability)

Cover can provide financial reimbursement for the theft of materials, damage to property and employee injury, and more.

Your requirements are unique, whether you use hired-in tools and machinery or are looking for one off protection as you work on a customer’s extension. With this in mind, we can tailor an existing policy to suit particular specialists, including Builders, roofers, plumbers and carpenters.

Commercial-motor fleet

Motor Fleet

If company vehicles are what mobilise your business, goods and services, you need to ensure you have the right cover to protect your business.

Without the right motor fleet insurance, any break-in, collision, or theft of just one vehicle is going to cause problems, slowing up the claims process, and potentially leading to no settlement at all.

If your business has a fleet of more than three vehicles, we’ll source business fleet insurance that offers you efficiency and potential savings on your premium.

Commercial-Motor trade

Motor Trade

Whether you operate a leading dealership, body shop, service and repair centre or MOT garage, we can arrange comprehensive insurance to protect your business.

We ensure that the policy is tailored to your needs from Public and Employers Liability, Theft, malicious and accidental damage, Business Interruption, vehicles and drivers, contents and stock.

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning contractors

Simple errors could lead to big costs.

Lost keys, chemical damage or leaving customers building insecure.

Cleaning contractors’ liability insurance allows you to safeguard your reputation if a customer has made a claim and be reimbursed for the costs which arise out of it. In addition, we offer cover for tools and other business equipment, theft from your vehicle overnight and insurance for employees.

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